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Removing Water Damage in Vancouver

Flooding damage stems from many unanticipated areas. Typical culprits include ceilings, basements and other surfaces. Paul Davis knows the best way to handle water damage of different variations. From fully flooded properties to water spots, our pros know how to extract damage to guarantee it does not spread or add to mold growth.

Common Sources of Water Damage:

There are many ways your commercial property can be exposed to water damage. Defective equipment like washing machines are prone overflow. More man-made reasons for water damage consist of septic or sewer tank breaks, as well as overflowing sinks. Problems like these can begin small. Be it problems with sewer lines or appliances, manmade structures can add to hazardous water damage. Whatever business you own, water damage is a major problem for your office. If neglected, it may lead to more damage caused by mold growth.

Water damage can be caused by natural sources as well. Severe precipitation or storm systems can damage your commercial property on their own. They can have a worse result if you have property close to a body of water that spills over because of these heavy rains.

What We Can Do

Our experts offer a number of services like water damage analysis and removal. Depending on the severity of your space, Paul Davis technicians can work on damp areas like carpet. We also clean and revive possessions like linens. If neglected, serious water damage might leave mold behind.

Our Flood Mitigation Services Include:

  • Water damage assessment
  • Water removal
  • Drying damp areas like furniture
  • Cleaning and restoring of possessions like books
  • Preventing mold or mildew growth
  • Locating and containing the source of pooling water
  • Reconstruction services or weather damage repair
  • Assisting with insurance companies

Trust the Best

  • Our staff respond and act promptly Based on the extent of damage, Paul Davis experts should be able to fix water damage in your business in up to three days.
  • We’re experienced – With five decades in service and millions of properties returned to normal, Paul Davis knows how to handle your water damage situation.
  • We assist with your claims – Collaborating with insurance providers while bouncing back from water damage is hard. We will help with your insurance group to settle claims quickly.

For any of your water damage repair needs, reach out to Paul! 888-473-7669. Our staff will be happy to connect you with a pro in the Vancouver area.