Customer testimonials…

“Robbie was so professional and thorough – we felt very secure with his handling of our renovation. He went the extra mile to help us get the best possible finishing touches. The paint and trim professional was amazing: there was no sign of any damage when he was done and the new trim was beautiful. Floor/carpet professional was rather like a super hero with how he managed to carpet three rooms and lay down new floor single handedly. Washer/dryer movers treated our new vinyl floor with care and there was no damage to the door frames with the move. I have already recommended Paul Davis to a neighbor and to ask for Robbie’s crew. Any further renovations we plan will definitely do the same.”
-Sarah M.

“Fabulous work! Extra A+! Greg came out first and went above and beyond to make me feel confident the damage would be repaired, and even helped to minimize the extent of the damage. I was real nervous and had towels all over and he dropped everything to come right out!”
-Sherrie S.

“My husband and I would like to express how satisfied we are with the outcome of our recent reconstruction project with Paul Davis Restoration. On Tuesday, December 16th at 6:00pm we came home to two broken water pipes. Not knowing who to call in a situation like this, we called several companies who didn’t have time for us in their schedules. We found Paul Davis in the Yellow Pages, our call was answered quickly and they arrived at our house within the hour. They examined the water damage and worked until 3:00am to get the job done. The dedication and the time this company has put towards our home repairs goes beyond words.
We have been working with Dylan who is very courteous, pleasant, honest and efficient. Anything that needed to get done was completed in a timely manner. Any questions or concerncs we had were at the top of his priority list. He constantly followed up with us to make sure we were satisfied throughout the entire process.
We are very pleased with all aspects of the work. We would highly recommend Paul Davis Restoration for any future projects.”
-Heidi N.

“They did a terrific job. There were two sides: the people who dried everything up, they werephenomenol, incredible. Called us and said they’re on their way bringing fans and dehumidifiers. Kept us posted everystep of the way. That group was stellar. They were great. The second group, the ones who came to do the restoration,they let things up for a while. I’m still happy with them. They damaged our car, a light. It took a while, months, to get thatresolved. They were very professional, did a good job. I’ve never experienced such great service. They dragged things outfor months. Finally we started hearing from them. They did take care of everything.”
-Jeff and Wendy T.

“Many thanks to each and everyone who helped with this project. All were extremely courteous and professional and much appreciated.”
-Patricia P.

“I just want to thank you and your company for responding so quickly to my house in Vancouver, WA on September 19, 2012 after a fire in the master bathroom. I’m sure that your speedy response saved the house from major water damage and I could not be more pleased with the work that was done or the pleasant attitude of everyone I met from your company. You turned the project over to Robbie Wilbur, telling me that he would take excellent care of it. This was so very true. I really appreciated Robbie’s attention to detail, availability, prompt responses, and extreme kindness. I have posted an exemplary review on Angie’s List for your company. Hopefully you will be hearing from them soon.With my extreme gratitude and respect.”
-Margaret N.

“Thank you for all that you have done for me. I really appreciate it! Take care and Happy Holidays!”
-Cindy M.

“Thank you so much for your extra help with the fence and porch while doing the board-up at my house on January 25th. That extra work that you did has been invaluable during the clean up and move out!”
-Jennifer H.

“On 9/19/2012 at 10:30 AM, I received a call from my renter that the ceiling exhaust fan in the master bathroom of the house she was renting caused a fire. The fire department was putting out the fire. By 10:50 AM, the renter’s insurance agent recommended Paul Davis Restoration of Portland/SW Vancouver for taking care of the fire damage. I authorized them to be called after checking with my insurance company. Within an hour, Paul Davis Restoration was at the site starting clean-up!!! The renter told me the firemen had the hose on as they entered the front door, so there was water saturation from the front to the back of the house. One fireman’s foot fell through the ceiling of the living room from the attic, so there was a hole there. This was in addition to the damage in the master bathroom. The damage to the living room doubled the cost of repair. When I entered the house later that day, I expected everything to be soaked from the water damage (the renter told me she thought the carpets may need to be replaced). Instead, I found damp carpets as though they had been freshly cleaned. I didn’t see any water damage because Paul Davis Restoration had so quickly gotten workers in to take care of it. It is impossible for me to believe there is a company that could have done a better job, or more pleasantly, than Paul Davis Restoration during the 4 weeks they were restoring the house. They worked very closely and well with my insurance company and with my handyman. (The restoration took a little longer due to my work schedule and, since the renter had to be out of the house anyway, I hired someone to do some improvements to the house while Paul Davis Restoration was repairing damage done by the fire. On hindsight, I wouldn’t recommend this). Another advantage to having Paul Davis Restoration was they guided me through the minimum of paperwork required of me and they dealt with all the rest since they are experts at working with the insurance companies. This relieved me of the paperwork burden, which can be so time consuming and stressful. I would definitely call Paul Davis Restoration of Portland/SW Washington again if the need ever arose. I consider them the best!”
-Margaret N.

“I wanted to make sure I took the time to say thank you. Our family had a major upheaval when our washing machine made our floating floor actually float with the amount of water it dispersed in our basement. You have no time to prepare for these type of instances, having your world turned upside down and having strangers in your home is daunting. The response from your company was fast, friendly and very professional. I was pretty amazed at how fast the mitigation team worked. All of your staff were great representatives for your company. Reliability was 100% and also cohesion between your sub contractors was great. I particularly liked the job being finished of by an ‘in house’ operative. My repair was small and I’m sure could be seen as more of a pain rather than a point of company pride. AJ has a wealth of knowledge and that was reassuring for me to know that the job would be finished right. I would also like to thank Robbie Wilbur, first point of contact is very important for any business. Robbie is a great, he managed the project from the beginning to end with great customer service and coordination skills. I am sure it is no accident all these people have been assembled. I would like to thank you for putting together a team of people who turned our home disaster into a memory as quick as possible.”
-Paul M.

“Hi Justin; just wanted to send you a note and say thank you for your teams’ quick and efficient work. Your guys were very courteous and knowledgeable and especially conscientious about their work, and also did a great job making sure I knew what was going on. I wish I could say “I look forward to working with you again”, but I don’t since that means something else bad has happened! But, if something else bad does happen, you will be the first person I call. If anyone I know has a need for your services, I will not hesitate to recommend you.”
-Jon H.

What Insurance Agents say about our services:

“Recently our customer Gary H. had a claim. His upstairs neighbor in the condo had a new water heater installed. Sarkinen plumbing broke a water line and could not get it shut off for 15 minutes. Disaster!!! Sarkinen recommended some restoration company (the customer only recalls the word Water in their name) to come out. The customer was leery of the contract they required him to sign. In part it read “ if the insurance company doesn’t pay within 14 days you must pay”. Who needs this kind of pressure in the midst of a loss? Thank goodness he called our office for advise! We recommended he call Paul Davis immediately and the customer has been so very happy with the work done. The customer called me today and shared his story. I told him, the magnet on my fridge is a Paul Davis business card. I wanted to share this with you. Anyway, thank you so much for taking care of this customer. It means everything to be able to trust and count on this kind of service. You make us look good!”

-Cherie W. Vancouver, WA